Sunday, October 01, 2006


Nobody called me on Friday about the job. It was a long day with an anticlimactic ending. Every time the phone rang, I jumped with excitement. And it was never the school.

On Friday I drove all the way to Plantation to get fingerprinted for the school. I also finished all the application paperwork and turned it in to the Delray campus. Then, I left a note for the principal, asking her if there was any news and if she could please call me.

Then, nothing.

They told me I should be hearing from them on Friday, so I don' think this is a good sign at all.
Then, in the Sunday newspaper, and ad appeared for the Spanish teacher position.

My dad tried to console me, saying that it might just be their policy to advertise, but I don't know. Those ads cost a lot of money. If they already had the best, why complicate the matter?

The trouble is, that school is located pretty close to the last school I worked at, and I had a problem with them before I left. It was a bad situation because the principal that hired me left the school and the new guy was extremely incompetent. The atmosphere of the school changed completely. I tried to hang in there, but I became nervous and unhappy. I didn't really leave on a positive note, and this other school may have caught wind of that. Which is really a pity, if that is the truth. Because I am a very good teacher. And that school did not treat me well. I could have sued them, but I did not want to deal with that. I ended up making an agreement with them, and they paid me an extra year of my salary. I don't think they would have agreed to that if they didn't know they were doing something wrong. Right?

Anyway, I don't know one hundred percent if this opportunity is over, but I don't feel good about it now. They really had my hopes up. I was flying high for awhile there. It doesn't feel good to be lifted up just to be shot down.

I hate the thought of going back to the drawing board with the job hunt, too.

I do keep reminding myself that when a door closes, it is for a reason, and a better one will open, if I have faith.


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