Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday Night

The girls are home from their weekend at their father's. I'm so happy to have them back home. It was lonely without them around.

I actually used the ride-on mower for the first time today. It was a blast. I didn't finish the whole yard (one acre) because the machine stopped working about three quarters through (overheated?).
I should have tried it sooner. Now I don't have to get frustrated about my husband not taking care of it. I can do it myself. I already do the edging, trimming, weeding, and everything else out there.

Erhan, by the way, had a Picc Line in the hospital. It is a port to take blood from or inject the IV into. They removed it before he was discharged, and yesterday, he started draining water from the hole. It is bizarre and gross. It does not appear to be infected, the liquid is clear and odorless. It may just be some of the water he is retaining.

I did call his nurse from the hospital, but she didn't know anything. What a surprise. haha Anyway, we have been keeping it clean and tomorrow we will call the doctor. It hasn't stopped, and it leaks quite a bit.

I'm on day 16 at 30:30. Tomorrow Valerie and I are going to start working on a collaboration for the ITWS contest. That should be fun. It will be my first!

Tomorrow I am going to be going to meet w/ Erin's English teacher. I also have to bring her to the ortho to pick up her new retainers. I think that Alp found her originals and broke them up into tiny bits of plastic. I knew that was just a matter of time. Fortunately, they don't charge for new ones in Phase I.

If I decide to take the job at LEAD America, which is looking promising, I won't start training until one week from tomorrow. That gives me a week before I have to start. I can get the yard and hopefully the house looking pretty spiffy before then.


At 8:57 AM, Blogger Pamela V said...

I love our riding mower. Nobody can bother you because the mower is too loud to talk. Many people use riding lawn mowers as a way to get away from the normal stresses of life!


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