Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Front

This is the front of my house. (I promised michi a garden pic.) I would have liked it to be a sunnier day... and for the grass to be trimmed... and for there to be more mulch in the area around the light post,... but oh well. You can't really see my roses either. But it this will do for the first picture on my blog.
Our roof will be replaced in a couple of months thanks to Hurricane Wilma. You can't see the damage in this shot.
I just planted the stuff around the light because the original, ugly one was also Wilma's victim. My dad recently helped us cement this new one down. Those are three little jasmine bushes around the back of it. They don't look too happy today, so I may give them a little plant food later, and trim them down. They're probably just adjusting to their new location.
The tree behind the post with purple flowers is Ruella. I'm not sure on the spelling. It grows like crazy here. If you trim it and leave the clippings, they will start to grow. The smaller vine on the white trellis in the background is bougainvillea. It had yellow flowers when I bought it, but for some reason, I can't keep them blooming. (I have another one that is lilac.) I've tried special foods for blooming to no avail. Anyway, this is a part of my garden. It keeps me happy! :)


At 9:55 AM, Blogger michi said...

ohhhh! nice to see how and where you live!! thank you for sharing!

if you have trouble with links, feel free to email me for help, though i will be away friday, saturday and sunday, but after that: any time. well, pretty much any time. *L*

m x


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