Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Day Two

Day two of blog life and I'm going strong! He he!

Today I've been cleaning my parents' Florida home because they are arriving this afternoon. (I have to pick them up at the Fort Lauderdale airport in a couple of hours.) They are snow birds that are flying in late this year.

Since I used the house for a few weeks while they were away (and also used it to shower after Wilma when my house didn't have water), I figured the least I could do was make sure I left it the way I found it ( I feel so grown up just for thinking this way! hehe). It was a lot of work and I'm pretty wiped out. I'm writing and resting until I have to make the drive.

I joined Curves the other day and I'm dying to get back there for another workout. I absolutely LOVED my first time. The reason I haven't been able to go for the past couple of days is that I have had to watch Alp.

I think Curves will suit me well. It seems to be the perfect place for an ADD adult to exercise. There is lively music that is interrupted every thirty seconds by a voice commanding us to "change stages now". I wish I could get a voice like that to command me in my house. Oh how much more efficient I would be. Anyway, like I said, my first work out was fabulous and I felt great afterwards. I'm looking forward to getting in shape!

I had some good news today from my poet friend,Freada. She popped in to 30/30 at ITWS and said she will not only be back with the challenge soon, but will be in her new apartment in the area soon! It is a half blook from the intercoastal and once she is settled, I am invited for tea! I can't wait to meet her in person and have a poet friend in the area.

I think this will wrap it up for my official second blog bit. I'm just rolling along...

-lauren :)


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