Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Two months later

Well, if I could have looked two months into the future from my last blog entry, I would be pleased. Many of the issues have been somewhat resolved, or at least improved. I can also see just how much does happen it two months time. And gee, I feel like we have actually accomplished some things:
1. Alp is doing MUCH better. He is back in school...actually a new and better one. He has increased medication, gone through behavior therapy, and we even tried a gluten and cassein-free diet, along with gazillions of supplements. Because we started so many things at once, it is hard to say which of those has been the most successful. Anyway, the good news is that he is much better and is not showing any aggression at all. I think the meds have helped him the most. We are actually experimenting with foods that do have gluten and cassein to see if that effort is worthwhile. So far, that doesn't seem to be making a difference, but it is too soon to tell for sure.
2. Rachel is now staying home from school and getting a homebound tutor to come to the house to finish out the year. That may sound like a negative thing, but it really has not been. She has so much less anxiety since she doesn't have to deal with that incompetant school. She has been working really hard at home and doing a great job academically and emotionally. I'm quite proud of her.
3. Bella has a new, imporved "stubborn dog" collar and she does not leave the yard. I do not take them anywhere anymore, which is sad, but at least we haven't had to pay anyone else's vet bills. She has, however, killed some wildlife on our property, including an adult raccoon and a baby possum.

In other news, Erin got her Phase I braces off about a week ago. Her teeth look great. She actaully didn't want to have them off. She liked them. Go figure.

Poetically...nothing much to report. I did finish my fifth month of 30:30. And posted my 2000 post at ITWS. I have a poem nominated for IBPC, but that has not been announced yet and I doubt I'll place. I've been up for consideration three other times without placing, so that is sort of what I expect.
I have been rather down on poetry to be honest, and I've been trying to jolt myself out of it. I think it started when I entered a weekly challenge at an Internet Workshop Board and was the ONLY one...let me say that again...the ONLY one to not even be mentioned!!!! I didn't realize just how much it bothered me until I traced my bad poet mood back to that. I know it is stupid, and I tried to force myself to keep putting stuff out there...BUT...it just seems I can't produce anything worthwhile right now.
I've been meaning to sub some work out, but just can't seem to do it. I don't like my stuff right now, and when I try to work on a piece to make it better, I seem to end up wanting to scrap it. I'm sure this will pass, I just hope it is soon.

I'm looking forward to hearing more information about my story in the Cup of Comfort book. I did hear that it will definitely be featured. That will be so cool. But it seems so far off. The book won't come out until sometime in 2007.

Oops...forgot to mention the Arkansas house stuff...
4. We ended up almost buying a bigger, better, newer dream house on the lake...a brand new home with a killer view of Greers Ferry Lake. We almost even bought the adjoining lot. And then we realized we were getting in way over our heads. We also realized that the kids need to go to private schools and that will cost plenty of $$. So, for now, Arkansas is but a dream.

I think I'll wrap this up for now.
Looking forward to American Idol tonight...down to three. Go Elliott!!!


At 2:46 PM, Blogger SarahJane said...

Kids want braces these days. Is it the bling? My daughter, two weeks away from 10, still sucks her thumb and knowing that she can't get braces until she stops seems to be an incentive.

I hope that workshop board wasn't DMR... I actually went back and looked and didn't think it was. Don't sweat it, in any case. Write what you want. Your "First Jobs" was terrific. Really.

I watched a show today about autism. It was heartbreaking. Did you mention that is what Alp has?

Glad things are working out.

At 9:03 PM, Blogger lorguru said...

Thanks for stopping by again, Sarah! I thought I was writing to myself, so this is a pleasant surprise.
Yes, you are right...Alp has autism.
As for the board, it actually was one of the weekly challenges there. No biggie.
Thanks for the compliment on First Jobs. I'll get back in the swing again soon, hopefully!
Thanks again for your visit!


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