Sunday, February 26, 2006

One Party Down

Having a birthday celebration at a popular restaurant on a Friday night is a big no-no. Despite waiting over an hour for a table (even though I "reserved" a table), Rachel ended up having a very nice birthday party Friday night. In attendance were: Rachel, Erin, Chesea, Taylor, Me, my mom, dad, grandfather, and Rachel's favorite teacher, Mrs. Gaydos. Rachel got a big birthday serenede by the RJ Gator's staff and got pied in the face (part of the reason she wanted to go there!)

I've been feeling a little weak lately, and am wondering if it is my new medication, Straterra. I don't know if it has elevated my blood pressure or something similar, because I have also had a lot of ringing in my ears. I'm thinking of going in to the grocery store tomorrow morning before working out at Curves to check it in the machine they have there. I think my doctor's appt. is the following week. If it is high, I'll call and go in sooner.

Because of feeling this way, my weekend was somewhat unproductive. I feel pretty bad about that, but I'm sure I'll make up for it once I feel better.

There is a John Denver special on the public broadcasting channel right now, and I'm really enjoying it. I think I need to get his cd. I still have my albums, but nothing to play them on. I've been singing along, reliving my crush from when I was ten years old! Hehe! He certainly sang some catchy tunes and had a great voice. It's music that just makes you feel good!

Tomorrow we take Alp for his initial appt. with the DAN doctor. We have to travel to Miami for this. It should be interesting. We'll see what they think the plan should be, and see if we can handle it. This has been the subject of many disagreements between Alp's mother and me and Erhan.

More later.


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