Friday, August 11, 2006

Yard Sale Flop, Boxcar Rejection and Carl Bryant Worries

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes. I'm feeling MUCH better, much sooner than I thought I would.
I have, however, been busy trying to get the kids ready for school. Since both of the girls are going off to different, new schools, there has been a lot to do.
I have also been preparing for my new teaching gig.

We tried to have our much-procrastinated yard sale this morning, but before we even sold one item, we decided to close up shop, shove everything into the garage and give it an early try tomorrow morning. We were hardly getting any traffic and it is just too unbearably hot to sit out there waiting to make an itty bitty sale.
If it weren't for the girls, I would NEVER even be doing this. They wanted to make some extra money and I wanted to inspire them to get rid of old stuff.
I think we will have much more success starting earlier and on a Saturday. If not, at least we can say we gave it our best effort.

I will have to convince the girls' father to pick them up tomorrow at noon instead of tonight, though. It is always hard to get a hold of him, which could be a problem.

I finally got a no-go response from Boxcar Poetry Review. I subbed a few poems out to so long ago I don't even remember what I sent.
Here's their letter, which I thought was quite nice:
Dear Lauren,

Thank you for submitting your work to Boxcar Poetry Review. We have read your submission with great interest, and although we have decided not to publish these particular poems, we invite you to submit again.

Best wishes,
Neil Aitken, Editor
Boxcar Poetry Review

I just looked to see what I sent them, and it was a collection that included Weird Girls. The other two were titled Away and Storm. I guess I'll need to send those out again some day.

I have just a few more days before my husband returns from his long trip. I have done so few of the many things I hoped to accomplish while he was gone. I will be running around like crazy in the next few days. I do work much better under pressure.
He didn't actually even know any of the projects I hoped to accomplish. There are just some things I prefer to do when he isn't around, like painting walls. He's too much of a nervous neat freak and is way too bothered by the smells.

One final note...
While the rest of the world waits on pins and needles for a picture of baby Suri Cruise, I am instead anxiously awaiting some news concerning fellow blog friend Carl Bryant. He is normally an avid blogger who suddenly dropped off the face of blogland. I think it has been about a month since his last post. Because he was having some health problems prior to that, I'm really concerned. Yes, I do feel a little bit strange about my worrying, since I really don't know that guy outside of blogland. But I sure enjoy his blog, appreciate his keen sense of humor, admire his poetry. He seems like a very nice guy. Yeah, I miss him here. I hope he is okay. I really do. If anyone knows what is up, please let me know.


At 4:57 PM, Blogger Brenda said...

Hi! I'm Carl's wife. He's been terribly busy at work lately, and just hasn't felt like doing much of anything. He comes home exhausted.

His daughter asked him today why he hadn't blogged in so long, and he said "I lost my blogging mojo" or something to that effect.

Hopefully, he'll be back to business as usual soon. Not to say that he isn't his regular wise-crackin' self, just that he's too dang tired to blog about it.

Thank you for your concern!


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