Thursday, June 08, 2006

Heat vs. Mavericks

I'm watching game one of the finals right now. I can't believe I married someone who also believes he jinxes his team by watching. I am not alone in my goofiness. Anyway, I am sitting at the couch alone because of this. I am considering leaving too, though, because I seem to be making them lose all by myself!

Of course, we're Heat fans. (Well, I'm really a Bulls fan, but they lost to the Heat in the first round of the playoffs. ) Miami is the nearest team. We aren't Shaq fans, but we don't mind having him on our team. Unless he's shooting free throws. An untrained gibbon could probably make more baskets!

The game has been close, although we did start out with a respectable lead. By the second quarter, that was gone and we have been neck in neck the rest of the game. Unfortunately, it appears the Mavericks are pulling ahead. 79-87 with a little over two minutes to go!

It could be an exciting finish if I can stand to watch.

I love the Tom Petty songs the NBA is using this season. Rock on, Tom! Since he's from Florida (northern, though), maybe that will bring us some luck. I doubt that.

One minute and the Mavs have a nine point lead. Not looking good.
Shaq is going in for freethrows. Why waste everyone's time?
Surprise. He misses! Next...I can't believe it...he makes it!
We're down by eight, and I am really wondering why I feel the need to write a play-by-play!
I think it is keeping me calm.


I didn't hear anything from Stephanie at the ARC today, concerning the Supported Employment Coach. I called and found out she was out of the office today. I left a message and will try again tomorrow.

(The Heat looses game one. )

I talked to the girls today and they are staying over at Auntie Tavia's new house. They are having a great time. I'm really happy for them, and glad they got to go.

I heard from my friend Kim that we can get together Monday, the 19th when I am in Chicago. Our friend Nancy can be there too, and she is going to try to get a hold of Conni! That will be great. Two summers ago we got together at her house, and last summer we were all together for Conni's wedding.


At 1:06 PM, Blogger Sharon Hurlbut said...

I'm afraid I lost any semblance of interest when Phoenix didn't make it to the Finals. I used to be a HUGE NBA fan, but in recent years, not so much. Bad sportsmanship and attitudes and general off-court assinine behavior have turned me off. What a fogey I've become!


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