Monday, June 05, 2006

Job Search Update

One of the best jobs I've come across is a writer for a natural dog food company. I thought it would be ideal to be able to combine two things I love so much. The company called me today and said they were very impressed with my writing in my cover letter and would like to talk to me about the job...UNTIL...
we figured out that I live an HOUR away from their office in Palm City. :( That was really disappointing. I asked if there was anyway I could just come in a few days per week and do the rest of the job from home, but they said they tried that already and it didn't work due to the fast pace of the work.
They wished me luck and said that I should have no problem finding a job. That made me feel good!

The ARC job I interviewed for on Friday is still something I am very interested in. I would be a Supported Job Coach for adults with developmental disabilities. I think I would really love this position. They contacted me today about phone numbers for some of my references, so I know they are still interested. I am concerned about the distance for this job, though, because it is also quite far north. I am hoping that they will allow me to check in to the office just a few times per week. I know I will need to be out in the field because I have to solicit jobs and also accompany the people on their first days of the job.

There is another position I need to send in an application is for an area representative for a huge tutoring company that has been hired by the government to tutor underprivledged children that did not do well on the FCAT. I would be in charge of all the tutors, etc. and could work out of the home. There are some parts that really interest me, however, the amount of paperwork concerns me.

I'm feeling so much better about myself than I was about a week ago when I started this job search. It has been eye-openning, and I'm telling myself to take my time to find the right place for me.
Tomorrow night I'm going to go back to my Adults w/ ADD group. I talked to the leader of the group about helping me with this job search, because I really want to find a job I can stick with. She thinks a month or so of the group would be helpful, and I agree.


At 2:49 AM, Blogger michi said...

way to go lauren! i am happy things are looking good! :)


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