Wednesday, June 07, 2006

ADD Adults

So, after my ten month hiatus, I rejoined my ADD Adults group. There were only three of us in attendance last night, but that was enough. It was a good decision, I think. And it was great to see old friends.
I often think about what a great sitcom our group would make!

Nothing new on the job search front, today. I do know that the ARC called and reached two of my references yesterday. I was really hoping to hear back from them today to set up the next interview. Maybe they were waiting to get in touch with my third reference. I think that I will give them a call tomorrow to see how it is going. I am pretty anxious to find out if this is the job for me. It really seems to feel like a good fit for me. I hope I'm still in the running!

I finished day six of my month of poems. I'm pretty pleased because this is my third attempt at round six, and this is the furthest I've gotten. I also feel like I'm in the swing of it now. I haven't written anything fantastic, but I also haven't embarrassed myself.


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