Monday, September 04, 2006

Emotional about Irwin, Agassi

I'm emotional. The world lost two legends this weekend.

Andre Agassi ended his spectacular tennis career yesterday. I was watching when he got his four minute standing ovation after dropping his fourth set at the US Open. He made a beautiful "thank you, fans" speech. I could barely stand to watch, but I also could not look away.
Andre, you brought the game to new levels and you are a class act. I wish you a happy and fulfilling retirement with your beautiful wife and children.

Now today, I find out that Steve Irwin, the infamous Crocodile Hunter, is dead at 44. It happened suddenly in a freakish accident with a stingray, whose barb pierced his heart.
I never cared much for him, or so I thought. He was needlessly reckless. His goofy facial expressions and exaggerated Aussie accent grated on my nerves. When he fed an alligator in 2004 with one hand and held his new baby son in the other, I thought I completely lost respect for him. I am ashamed to admit, I even mocked him at school just the other day, while comparing him to my favorite wildlife geek, Jeff Corwin.
But now that he is gone, I realize I liked him a lot more than I let on. Despite the things I didn't agree with, I definitely appreciated his love of wildlife and passion for conservation. He saw beauty in all of God's creatures and would go out of his way to save any animal, no matter how intimidating their teeth. He taught several generations to respect nature. He risked his life to bring an important message to mankind.
Darn it, I will miss you, Steve. You made this world a better place.
To his wife and children, I'm very sorry for your loss.


At 5:07 PM, Blogger michi said...

ah yes i saw it too. andre. it was kind of anti-climactic, that match against becker, after the epic match against baghdatis. but oh the goodbye ... what a humble person he is, what a gentleman. we are both big fans of andre here, and we were both touched during those final moments of that extra-ordinary career.

today on the news, an austrian commentator said, about benjamin becker, that it cannot have been easy for him, because, after all, you don't really want to be the one who shot bambi. ;)

At 11:29 AM, Blogger Sharon Hurlbut said...

I always figured Steve would get it from one of those poisonous snakes he was so fond of getting too close to. He was foolish and irresponsible, but he was also one of the most unrestrained, joyful people I have ever seen. He lived the life he wanted, and how many people can say that? I just can't help feeling that it's a terrible waste to have lost his life so young. My heart goes out to his wife and kids.


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