Sunday, July 16, 2006

My Girls, New Schools, and Hair Removal

Today is a happy day because the girls are coming home from a week at their father's house. I've been missing them terribly! I can't imagine what it would be like if he took them for a whole month or worse yet, the whole summer. I know a lot of divorced parents do it that way.

BTW, Erin was accepted into the 6th grade honors reading program at American Heritage. (That is the school that is going to be taking all my money for the next few years. I get sick when I think about the expense, yet I know it is the right place for her and the right thing to do.) Anyway, for summer reading, she has to read two books (Holes is the only one I remember) and do a project for each. Fortunately, she said she has read both of the assigned books already, so reading them a second time shouldn't take her long. She'll need to start working on those this week.

We are also going to start redecorating Rachel's bedroom this week. When we moved in two years ago, she was really into camouflage, so I painted all the walls with that theme. Now, she wants her walls "firefly yellow", as she calls it. That sounds a little bright to me, but I can understand her wanting to get rid of the greens and browns. It is a bit dark!

The week before they left, the girls went through their rooms and gathered a lot of stuff to sell in a garage sale. I personally don't care for the idea, but it was good to motivate them for major cleaning. I told them they could keep whatever money they make. I have been gathering things for the sale as well, in my effort to de-clutter my house (an ongoing, life-long project!). I was thinking that if I can make a decent amount of money, I might take the girls to Disney World before they have to go back to school. I would just have to pay for a night in a hotel and the admission, which is the hefty part. Orlando is only about three hours away. I really would like to take them again, because the only other time they've been there was when they were seven, and they were a little apprehensive about everything at that age. Now, I want them to get to experience it before they are too old(not that you can really be too old for Disney.)

I had a pretty funny thing happen to me this morning. Well,it didn't really "happen to me",...I did it to myself. Yesterday I was going to the local pharmacy to buy Erhan some ear plugs for sleeping, when I saw a guy wearing an 80% Off sign on the side of the road. It seems our local Albertson's grocery store is going out of business, so I shifted gears and joined in the madness. Of course, everything was terribly picked over, but with my fine shopping skills ;) I was able to find several bags full of "stuff". One thing I bought was a little battery powered eyebrow trimmer. I had one before, but it wasn't working so well anymore. For $2.00, I figured I could afford a new, fancy one. This morning, I set out to give it a try. And now, as I sit here typing, I am minus eyelashes on my left eye and have a little bald patch where my widow's peak should be. Darn, that thing is powerful! It has two sides, you see, and one is very long. There is an attachment for trimming the eyebrows, and I didn't realize that while I was doing just that, the lower part was simultaneously shaving my lashes! ( I wonder how fast those things grow back?:() They aren't completely gone, just ground down to stubble. I'm such a dork. The bald patch? Well, I always struggle with these little whispy hairs up by my widow's peak. I also hate that my hairline is so low. So, I frequently pluck out those hairs. I wanted to try my new super-dee-duper hair remover, and well, it was just a little more turbo than I expected. I was horrified when I saw full length bangs fall to the sink. You're probably wondering how I can remain so calm. I guess I'm just not that vain. Hair grows back. I keep that forhead stubble covered up by my side part. And my eyelashes are so dark and long normally, that I'm still gorgeous with 3/4 of them cut off. (Nah, I'm not vain at all!)


At 4:07 AM, Blogger michi said...

oh dear. *L* just don't use that evil thing again, or you'll end up looking like bob geldof in "the wall". ;)

i hope the lashes grow back fast! if they need a cheerleader, ask me!


At 10:25 AM, Blogger Nikky Egland said...

Just sailed in from Bob's blog...

I'm having a garage sale, soon, too. It seems to be more work than its going to be worth - haha

At 1:07 PM, Blogger lorguru said...

wow, you are so multi-talented, michi...I didn't know you were also an eyelash cheerleader. Man, you just never cease to amaze!

Nikky, thanks for stopping by! I agree with the garage sale thing! I'll let you know how mine goes...unless yours is this weekend too.


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